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Udah kuliah masih aja dapet tugas memperkenalkan diri pake b.inggris dan di kumpulin lagi. eiyaaa tapi disini bahasa inggrisnya bukan bahasa ingris biasa, karna bahasa inggrisnya?? ya bahasa inggris teknik, yup!! english lenguage chemical engineering.
and this is my presentation.

Hello! my name is Nada Julian Raif.You can to call me Nada. I graduated from Senior High School 1 Pejagoan. In high school i was in science class. I was born in Kebumen, 30 July 1997. I live in Kebumen, Central Java.I live with my little family(my mom,my dad,my sister), they are my everything.My Mother's name is Sri Ismi Harini, She is 41 years old. Her job is housewife. She has got a few hobbies including knitting,watching TV, gardening ,cooking and it is all. My father's name is Wakhid Hasyim,he is my superhero. he is 44 years old. Him job is Businessman. My sister is Amalia Jihan Raif, we are TWIN! hehe. She is very beutiful, friendly and intelligent.

Now,I am college student at Pembangunan Nasional Veteran university (UPN yogyakarta). So, I live in yogyakarta with my best friend Virly Atiqoh . I chose Chemical engineering. I have met brilliant people in our class and my best friends,too. These people support me and help me when i need. As I have been interested in chemistry,math,and bioprocess, it is the reason why I have decided to apply to Chemical engineering.I'm personally interested in becoming a engineer,however, there are many different carrer opportunities. I believe that a job should be like a hobby. I want to love my work,and know I am making the would different in helping other people. It takes a long time to study chemicah engineering. It is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work. I hope that i will be able to meet these challege and that my dream will come true. Later, I would work in a oil and gas. As for now, I'm only focusing my attention on finishing my studies. Also, before I have a family , I would to travel overseas. I want to see countries like the japan, Uk,spain,italy ,etc. After my education and my travel, I plan to get marreid and have a family. I would like to live with my future family in a quiet, natural countryside setting.

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